KGREYSCALE.COM is a repository of all things photographic – a photo blog for a post-blog world. It is a place where emerging work can be championed, new projects can be discovered and discussed, resources can be shared, and stories can be told. It is a curated platform of photo-world happenings, a place for casual critique and low-key, photo-heavy art theory.  It is an attempt to indulge a relentless curiosity by calling attention to exciting new work, and a place to revisit vanguards of the genre from a new perspective.

On this site, you will find event listings and information on portfolio reviews, residency programs, talks, panels, workshops, festivals, and more. You can read interviews with young photographers embarking on ambitious projects, and reviews of books and exhibitions. There may be occasional musings, and notices of upcoming events, all shared here in an effort to inform and inspire.

This is a enterprise built on a career-long obsession with the medium of photography, and a fascination with it’s constant evolution. It’s an independent venture, but not an isolated one, so join the conversation. Submit your project, photo book, exhibition, artist talk, or call-for-entry. Reach out if you’ve attended an event we’ve listed, or if you want to know more about an artist we’ve featured, because this site exists for the benefit of the photography community, from darkroom to newsroom, exhibition to festival and back again. So stay in touch, and we’ll keep you posted.

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Krystal Grow is a writer, photo editor, producer, and curator. In 2015, she joined the Global Picture Desk at Getty Images as a photo editor, and currently works as an Assignment Specialist managing coverage and production logistics for some of Getty’s most high profile clients and events. Her writing has appeared in American Photography, TIME LightBox, WIRED, and the New York Times Lens blog. She has worked with United Photo Industries to produce multiple events, exhibitions, and public programs for Photoville, the largest public photography festival in the country.

Before moving to New York to attend the Columbia University Graduate School of  Journalism, where she studied arts journalism and was the 2013 recipient of the John Chancellor Fellowship for Excellence in Journalism, she managed (and expanded) the photography program at the Providence, Rhode Island based arts non-profit AS220, and managed a long-term collaborative project and traveling exhibition with the Special Collections of the Providence Public Library.

Born in Quincy, Massachusetts, she attended a vocational high school where she spent hours in the darkroom, nurturing a deep love for dark spaces and strong chemistry, and would go on to attend countless city council and school board meetings as a local reporter for small town newspapers South-of-Boston. She earned her BA in Print Journalism from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2006, and spent the majority of her undergrad years in the darkroom of the North Adams Transcript, working graveyard shifts processing film and preparing the daily paper for print.

When she isn’t on an endless series of Zoom calls, writing for this site, or organizing an event, exhibition, or project, she plays drums in the riot grrrl garage rock duo Basic Bitches. She recently moved from Brooklyn to Barryville, New York with her wife and band mate Naomi Scott (who built and designed this site) and their cats, Steve and Frankie.